Does anyone else do this.

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Re: Screen for me.

Guy Parsons wrote:

. . . People largely in those places seem to be less worried or bothered by me using the screen compared to seeing what happens when someones else is using the EVF. Hiding their face from the casual subjects seems to disconnect them somehow. People may be more wary as they may think it's a professional shot instead of some bumbling tourist shot.

Those are good points in favor of rear LCD use.  I know that my brother now uses his telephone exclusively to take pictures with, and a major factor for him was the casual acceptance of those around him to snapping shots with a cell phone as opposed to a bulky and somewhat aggressively styled camera.

. . . As for screen visibility, it is bad with fixed screens, way better with tilt screens or fold out sideways screens. Sadly the fold out sideways to get the needed tilt makes for a wider, more awkward camera and I won't buy that type.

That the tilt feature is way better than a fixed screen for visibility is good information.  At present, the only camera I own without a fixed screen is one of those awkward "fully articulating" screens, which I've always kept in reversed position against the camera body. For framing a picture outdoors, which is about 95% of the pictures I take, the fixed screen cameras I own are next to worthless.

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