Canon - Fuji dilemma

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Re: Canon - Fuji dilemma

Since the day Canon introduced their first auto focus camera and their EF line of lenses I was among the Canon faithful and when I made the "switch" to digital my main cameras were the EOS3 and EOS/Elan7 along with several very good Canon lenses.

Because of my familiarity with Canon and my lenses I bough the brand new Canon 10D camera ($1500.00 at the time) and stayed with Canon until I decided to give mirrorless a try.

After trying, and losing money selling, both Sony and Olympus cameras (neither was right for me) and a few lenses, I decided mirrorless wasn't for me but a friend who owns a camera store talked me into trying a newly introduced Fiji X-E1.

The X-E1 wasn't perfect but I still liked it, very much, and I loved the Fuji lenses so I've stayed with Fuji and doubt that I'd ever change brands as long as Fuji keeps making cameras.

Just the same, I still have nothing bad to say about Canon and can understand why many people stay with Canon even when "switching" to mirrorless. I might have done the same but when I decided to give mirrorless a try Canon wasn't making a mirrorless camera.

I think the most  important thing is that a person should be happy with whatever model or brand camera they're using and, in your case, going back to Canon sounds like something that would make you happy.

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