Quattro SD at ISO 800 post-processing analysis

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Re: Quattro SD at ISO 800 post-processing analysis

xpatUSA wrote:

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Roger wrote:

mrouleau wrote:

After all, Sigma's default settings for Auto ISO go up to 800,

What?? When???

at least since the DP Merrills.

My DP2 Merrill was setup by default in Auto ISO from 100 to 800.

Earlier DP2 models had auto iso 100-200 without flash and 100-400 with flash.

I've never fully understood the need for Auto-ISO but then, by the same token, I've never believed the Exposure Triangle either.

Especially with the ISO-less Sigmas (no AFE) like the Merrills.

But then, as a resident dinosaur, I rarely use Auto-anything ...

yes, it makes sense mostly with auto exposure and in snapshoot situations :-).

On my classic DP2 I used to leave in on auto exposure and auto ISO all the time. I was confident in the camera and indeed most of the time it worked out pretty well.

Some with the two Fujis I had (X100 and X100F). You can leave them both in Auto ISO the whole day long and it is perfectly fine (also these cameras have an auto DR setting that works best with auto ISO). Maybe you could squeeze out a bit more technical image quality by going manual but definitely not that much.

On the other hand, with the DP2 Merrill I am still in the warming up phase so I use it mostly in manual ISO and manual exposure until I am more confident about its boundaries in terms of performance..

which is why I guess this thread exists, to explore (personal) boundaries and limits for higher ISO settings.

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