Does anyone else do this.

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Re: Screen for me.

tbcass wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

A lot of the camera talk revolves about I always did it this way (and am not about to change).

That I have never seen. I would, however, describe you as being stubborn about LCD screens as you said previously.

"Same here, rear screen all the way. If a camera has an EVF I simply ignore it."

What I have seen is people saying they started out using eye-level viewfinders, own cameras with LCDs, and because of their experience know that eye-level viewfinders have a lot of advantages that the LCD only people don't appreciate. It's the LCD only people who seem to be the stubborn ones because most eye-level users use both.

I think there are two things at play. One is habit and humans are creatures of habit.

The other is doubling down against a perceived challenge. Using the LCD is often denigrated here and put into the "real photographers don't do that" category and it is the newer thing. So, I think some of the defensiveness is from that.

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