Does anyone else do this.

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Re: Screen for me.

Eighty definitely qualifies.    That is in my league.  Great job of passing yourself off as  omniscient youth though.   I am not going to ignore what you say.     Once you clarified your points, and disclosed the wisdom of maturity, I agree with your points.

Your point of the older generation's love for the older cameras from the 60's is well taken.  My first, and from then on, main film system was Canon/Leica LTM gear.    As the hobby evolved for me (read; as GAS took me over) I also acquired Contarex and Leicaflex cameras.    As great as these cameras were (are!) they did not embody the compact efficiency of the rangefinders, so I kept using them too.

Then along came digital.   At the point when I came on board, I found I could buy 'compact travel' digital cameras the same size or smaller than my rangefinders that had autofocus, zoom lenses, and autoexposure with manual override, just to name a few features.  Some of these were waterproof, at far less weight and bulk than my Nikonos.  A few had integral viewfinders, but most did not.   What really nailed it was (is) the far superior results I get relative to 35mm film.   (Note: YMMV, so flame suit within reach.)

The tradeoff for that level of capability in such a usable and compact form was lack of a viewfinder.     That was an inconvenience until I discovered the Hoodman loupe.     That just goes with me everywhere in its separate pouch, and I have used it so much I can attach it very quickly.

On my one camera with an EVF, it also has a tilt screen.     Unless excess light precludes use of the screen, I prefer to use it tilted over any other means of seeing through the camera.

As much as I may appreciate the look and configuration of the circa 60s cameras, for me there is no going back.     The prints on my walls are too far superior to entertain any such notion.      It is a great place to be in.

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