What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

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Re: What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

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Since this is a full frame lens, it will could be released with new K-1 Mark 3 one day.

Possibly the announcement it is shipping will coincide with the first showing of K1-iii prototype.

While it might be a nice lens to release in conjunction with a K-1 III, it is also a lens that would make a K-1 or K-1 II a much more attractive purchase to me. Lack of a ultra-wide angle prime has been my primary reason for not going full frame with Pentax.

My thinking as well. I'd think the DFA 21, FA 43 and the DFA 100 2.8 macro would be a great setup. The maybe the DFA 85mm portrait lens could be added when funds would allow.

Being a prime shooter who dislikes having to many lenses (messes up my flow) I've been aiming for a three (+shift lens) setup. Without the "anchor" at the UWA end I've been flapping around accumulating lenses I don't like. Samyangs, various vintage lenses etc. Bit annoyed Pentax is working so slowly really

I know my uwa should be around 20mm and my tele around 100mm. Picking that middle focal length is tricky though! 43mm might be just right, 31 or 35 might do as well. I love 50mm visually but can't make it work in a three lens kit between 20 and 100mm.

I have two modes of working,
1. "travel mode". One lens stays on the camera, convenience trumps quality and it has to be a super-zoom.

2. "Prime lens mode".
When I graduated from the MG to the ME-Super I had the 50mm f/2 which came with the MG, a cheap 135 (which literally fell to pieces in the end) and a 28mm Tokina which I bought for my Dad so that I could use it. He sold his Pentax with that lens and sentimentalist that I am I found one not that long ago on ebay. It was easy I could put a lens in each packet of a jacket and a roll or two more film and go shooting.

Now I have an array of lenses but no good wide prime - I've never been convinced by 31mm as a focal length - the old FA* 24 calls to me from e-bay but I resist. The idea of the 43 on the camera and the 77 and new 21 in my pockets has some appeal, but part of me wants something longer than the 77 (the DFA 85 is too big for this scenario, brilliant as it is,) a compact 135 f/2.8 or a lovely eccentric limited like a 127 f/2.3 would be perfect

My current 5-lens prime setup is smc-M 20/4, FA 31, 43, 77, A* 200/4 macro it works very well.

The DFA 21 would be a welcome upgrade. I'm betting on f/2.4

I've wanting a nice 135/2.8 limited with really really smooth bokeh for a while! (I think i'll take my Pentacon for a spin this weekend, it's been a while, because it's a pain to use.)

Currently I have

Manual focus Tokina (M era) 28mm f/2.8
Ltd 43
Lens baby 3G (approx. 50mm - meant to go to ebay)
FA 50 f/1.4
Ltd 77
DFA* 85 f/1.4
FA 85 f/2.8 soft (meant to go to ebay)
Tamron 90mm f/2.5 Macro (Adaptal mount, early 'A' era - keep saying I'll update to the AF version)

So 43 to 90 is extremely well covered, but you can see why I want a nice wide prime.

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