Dimage A2 Sure Does Hold Its Charge

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Re: Dimage A2 Sure Does Hold Its Charge

Paul Barnard wrote:

I remember my favourite Minolta 7000 died as the internal battery failed and it was not replaceable. I regularly replace the main battery in my old cameras to avoid that problem. I also find the KM batteries to have excellent charge holding over several years.

Very annoying losing a camera in that fashion.
But that's the interesting question - does having a charged main battery stop the internal one from failing? Or is it better to keep unused cameras uncharged?
My Nikon P7000 always had a charged battery in it - and yet the internal battery failed. After that, when I'd see other P7000s turn up on Ebay, I'd ask the sellers if their ones held their settings when changing battery, and the answer was always "No".

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