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Re: K3iii review in French

peterpainter wrote:

If you don't read French, with Microsoft Edge you can translate it - I don't know about other browsers.

Summary plus comment (well, 1 so far and not complimentary)




In short, they liked it, missed the articulated screen etc. but pretty complimentary.

Thanks for the link.

The problem with most reviews (included this one), is that they are rushed out in order to be the first and generate more clicks.

Eg. they state the less the mediocre AF performance in dim light. However, they don't say what lens they test it with (probably the 16-85.) It should be clear by now that the lens used has a great influence in speed and accuracy. They also don't mention if they tried different settings (they probably didn't), which should also have an impact on the results.

The second problem is that the reviewers rarely (if ever) have any experience with shooting with a camera of any given brand. Ie. they state that the camera takes some time getting used to. While this will be true for everyone coming from another brand, I am sure that experienced Pentaxians only need an hour or so to customise the K3iii...

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