Does anyone else do this.

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Re: Screen for me.

RetCapt wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

tbcass wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

By airing our views here, some EVF users may try screens and some screen users may try the EVF to find what they can learn to like.

I suspect the vast majority of posters already have used both.

No, more like I suspect that many of the old folk who inhabit here are stuck in the mud in their ways and never think to try anything different. I'll add a smiley, but there's a bunch of truth in that.

By any definition one chooses, I am old. I converted from film to digital in 2009. I have had to learn a lot to make this conversion work. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I hope I never stop learning. I use the LCDs, fixed and tilting, viewfinders, EVF and OVF, plus add-on (Hoodman Loupe), depending on which camera I am using.

Undoubtedly you can document your "bunch of truth" or you would not have posted it.

Hopefully, far in the future, you will become "old folk" so that you too can be "stuck in the mud".

Later this year I turn 80, is that old enough? Mud up to my chin I guess.

I do appreciate the insight and enlightenment about age-induced cognitive decline causing me to "never think of anything different". I just never suspected.

The very obvious love of those cameras that look like 1960's film cameras seems to reveal an older generation wishing they were back in the 60's again. In my case I'm happy to forget the 60's and move on.

Digital cameras that didn't look like film cameras seem to have been unpopular. No wonder smartphones took over photography for the masses as they steamed ahead with unrestrained thinking in a small easy to carry package, but with of course appallingly poor ergonomics.

A lot of the camera talk revolves about I always did it this way (and am not about to change).

I know that I'm in the approx 10% that avoid EVFs only so we can leave it at that and you can safely ignore anything that I say.

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