Zeiss Touit Makro Planar T* 2.8/50 on Fujifilm X-Pro3

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Zeiss Touit Makro Planar T* 2.8/50 on Fujifilm X-Pro3

My girls got me a new lens for father's day (or more accurately, I got myself a new lens yesterday, and will be given an empty box wrapped up as a present tomorrow ) I wasn't much interested in the Fuji XF 80, because I love my Fuji XF 90 and it's too close in focal length to make sense to carry in the same bag.  I also knew that a big heavy specialist macro lens would likely get left at home a lot (like myKiron 105/2.8 macro), so the potential versatility of the Zeiss 50/2.8 macro for my purposes is what attracted me:

The only other proper 1:1 macro lens (left) I've ever owned previously was a lovely 105mm f/2.8 macro produced by Kiron in the seventies and sold under a number of names

The 105 is manual focus of course, more than 2.2x as heavy. about 2" longer once adapted to Fuji-X, and once extended to 1:1 macro mode, it's nearly twice as long! The Zeiss is internal-focus, so it doesn't extend or retract at all when focusing.

Both are 1:1 macro, and the 105 has significantly more working distance from the subject, but a lot of that seems to be taken up by the length of the extension of the 105's barrel - You're 6 inches further from the subject, but the front lens element is only about 4 inches further away...

This is a busy image, but the bokeh has some swirl to it at some distances which I really like

And the out of focus areas have some abstract character that is really attractive as well.

It'll give you lemon-shaped specular highlights near the edges, but the Zeiss color is lovely

Sharpness does not appear to be an issue at any focal distance

Autofocus and macro work are hit and miss, but I've found that the X-Pro3's focus limiter feature can be used to great effect with this lens to eliminate back\forth racking of the focus for close work, and manual mode is always just a pinkie away, anyway.  Autofocus macro shooting can be fun if you set it up right.

Overall, if you can find a good used copy at a reasonable price, I think the lens represents a great value for a general purpose 50mm prime that can shoot bugs, flowerz and people with equal aplomb. On the other hand, there're many better uses for $1,000 USD if yer considering paying full retail for a new copy!

Zeiss' 50mm macro vs. the other guys:

  • Fuji's XF 50 is a little smaller and lighter, focuses faster, collects twice as much light, and has weather sealing, but it lacks a macro mode.
  • Fuji's XF 56 collects nearly 5x as much light, but is also something of a specialist lens that similarly lacks macro mode.
  • Fuji's 60 f2.4 macro is another great option that has macro capability, but is only a 1:2 macro, rather than a 1:1.
  • Laowa's 65 macro is a full 2:1 macro (!), but manual-only so again, a bit of a specialist lens - It is however pretty compact and very reasonably priced, so it's another great option.
  • Fuji's XF 80 - objectively better in almost every way, but bigger, heavier, and pricier.
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