First CAF head to head G9 firmware 2.4 vs OMD EM1MKII

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Re: First CAF head to head G9 firmware 2.4 vs OMD EM1MKII

Interceptor121 wrote:

David Lumsden wrote:

Sdlv wrote:

A valid comparison between two cameras requires the same (or very similar) settings and lenses on each, with testing done under controlled conditions. Your "test" -- which included different shutter settings, varying focus configurations, and different lenses -- doesn't meet these criteria. And, given the tenor of some of your previous posts, you seem to me unlikely to be interested in "objective" testing.

. . . Steven

“Objective “ comparisons conducted with scientific rigor are, of course, very valuable. But so, I feel, are “subjective” tests reporting real world in-the-field results obtained by photographers, not scientists, who are attempting to deal with the challenges of actually taking photographs under varying and changing conditions. Photographers like most of us.

This was not a test I went there to take headshots both lenses I had were suboptimal for those shots however as I was there I gave it a go and glad I did

i have had the same identical issues with the EM1 shooting deer and birds there are always missed focus shots

The g9 instead has an issue at the start however if you get the first shot it then hits 100%

That is fine but you should change the title as you have not done.... and are incapable of, doing a head to head comparison of the  two cameras. A more appropriate title would be

"Help needed with photographing moving horses using EM1.2"

Ultimately you have had enough responses to help you get proper photographs butt don't make out the camera is at fault because you don't know how to use it.

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