Meike vs Laowa CROP VS FF

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Meike vs Laowa CROP VS FF

I am waiting for some deliveries and I thought I will just start already with what I have.

I am especially curious about the different versions of the Meike 6-11mm f/3.5 MFT and APS-C. The step from Micro Four Thirds to Canon M is not so big. It will also be very interesting to compare the Meike 3.5mm MFT with the Laowa 4mm for Canon M. I intend buying a secondhand body to that purpose. So be patient if you will.

I will start with a warming up, one in which I will do my best to avoid having my digits digitalized. Nothing I can do about my feet I am afraid, without skewing perspectives.

Okay, we will start simple. You can see three small "city menhirs", the question I will be asking also with the other lenses and camera, is how long it takes for them to disappear from the image completely.

I am trying to walk a straight line, but I have no pretention of presenting a scientific test. It is pure practice. Fisheye lenses are very easy to use to create cliches, but it is very difficult to understand how they work exactly. This is a very modest beginning.

And then there where two little menhirs.

and then there was one lonely, last menhir standing.

Well, not really alone. You can see half of its brother peeking out from the edge.

Now it is really alone. Poor little thing.

I wonder if the Laowa 4mm APS-C will devour them as quickly. What do you think?

Remember, this the MFT version.

Flat view
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