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iso rivolta wrote:

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iso rivolta wrote:

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If you don't read French, with Microsoft Edge you can translate it - I don't know about other browsers.

Summary plus comment (well, 1 so far and not complimentary)




In short, they liked it, missed the articulated screen etc. but pretty complimentary.

Thanks for mentioning their review.

Strange that they have 1/8,000 s max shutter speed as a con. I guess the 1/16,000 s with electronic shutter available on Pentax KP and 1/32,000 s on some Fujis are sometimes useful, but really in too marginal use cases to include this as a con at the end of the review. And the next firmware upgrades could enhance the capabilities here by adding electronic shutter and probably 1/16,000 s.

Then the smaller than norm (say 1.5 vs 2+ EV) highlight recovery from RAWs is certainly compensated by a larger ability to recover shadows, as the DR should be about the same for a given sensor. K-3 III demonstrated at least equal photographic DR (compared to other APS-C cameras) at photonstophotos.net. The new highlight weighted metering in K-3 III could be useful here for not overexposing but apparently wasn't mentioned in the review by lesnumeriques.

I trust them more for other kinds of equipments (like TVs) but the review is interesting. They often were not very nice with previous models ...

For FPS I'm sure they didn't see the difference there is with subject detection on/off, focus priority or frame priority ...

They don't say a word about subject detection by the way, which is a bit weird as they develop a number of classic features (pixel shift etc).

I agree with you, I never cared about highlights recovery. You generally don't need to overexpose anyway. I was even surprised to see that tested.

Thanks Peter for sharing !

The same test of overexposure recovery and the same results (about 1.6 EV recovery in highlights with acceptable quality) are in their review of Fuji X-T4, and again this is considered a con. So at least it is a standard procedure in their reviews.

Thanks, maybe I just forgot they did that.

I'm not sure I understand this paragraph: "Aujourd'hui la stabilisation — appelée Shake Reduction par le constructeur — fonctionne très bien et constitue un avantage de poids pour le K-3 Mark III. À l’aide de l'objectif de kit HD-DA 16-85/3,5-5,6 ED DC WR à fond de zoom, soit à 105 mm (en référence au 35 mm), nous avons réussi à obtenir des images nettes sans difficulté au 1/13 s ! Gardons à l'esprit toutefois que le capteur APS-C de "seulement" 25,7 Mpx n'est pas forcément le plus exigeant, surtout si on le compare au capteur plein format très défini de 61 Mpx d'un Alpha 7R IV (A7R IV) de Sony, pour ne prendre qu'un exemple extrême."

Both sensors have the same pixel pitch (26 MP on APS-C means about 60 MP on full frame, considering a 1.52x crop factor). So, if the statement above is about IBIS accuracy,

Yes, I confirm that the statement is about IBIS accuracy.

Without thinking I thought they were right, thanks for the fact checking !

it needs to be the same on K-3 III and Sony A7R IV.

Isn't it even more difficult on APS-C, because of the difference in field of view ? A same slight rotation would have bigger impact , or am I wrong ?

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