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Re: How is your computer

Jeff Wahaus wrote:

boyet wrote:

My 2012 i7-3770 with GTX670 (2GB VRAM), 1TB SSD OS drive, and old 32 GB memory returned this.

You must be overclocking your i7 and GPU? Yours is significantly faster than mine with similar specs. I found that overclocking the CPU made my GTX1050 unhappy and it would occasionally lock up. I just went back to standard clock speed and solid reliability. I suppose if I had kept playing with the settings then I could have got it working eventually.

Nope. Never tinkered other than replacing the OS drive last year. Never needed to think about replacing my entire system until I started using those AI-based editing software along with Canon R5. I have been using LR, PS (and Premier Pro until a few years ago) for a long time and had always been satisfied with my system.

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