OceanCity Airshow, R5 + RF 800f11 questions, tips?

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Re: OceanCity Airshow, R5 + RF 800f11 questions, tips?

Abbott Schindler wrote:

Not for your air show specifically, but my experiences from many other shows I've been to is that the 800 is too long and inflexible; you'll want a 70-200 to augment it with and may well end up using the shorter FL zoom quite a bit more than the 800. The challenge is that air shows I've attended involved both single craft and multiple craft flights, and both of those involve soaring, diving, flying in formations and stunts, all of which benefit from zoom lenses.

My go-to for air shows is a 100-400. I see that the Thunderbirds (I've seen them many times) and GEICO SkyTypers are at your show, so I'll also bring a 24-105 (on a second camera) to record larger scale action.

The Heritage Flight should be very cool and your 800 might work for that, but again something like a 100-400 or 100-500 would be my choice so I could pan with the planes and keep them in-frame. And don't forget to slow your shutter enough to capture some motion of the prop blades or the plane will look like it should fall from the sky.

The 800 might work for Mike Wiskus's performance (I've seen it before) when he gets high enough, but you'll be seriously challenged to follow him on the faster moves.

Have you tried tracking planes, large birds or cars with your 800? That should give you an idea of your tracking skills and also how distant objects need to be for the 800 to work on that size subject.

I didnt like to hear your comment as its the only lens i currently have besides a 50mm lol. I put out a word in a facebook group im in to see if i can borrow anything before tomorrow. And yes, im quite capable at tracking most things with it. I mainly wanted to get good photos of aircraft. I didnt plan to get pictures of formations or any video really. Really disappointing to hear 800mm will be too long for this.

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