Sony A7iii strange posterized evf, display & jpgs

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Sony A7iii strange posterized evf, display & jpgs

Last week my A7iii did something strange on an outing.
It was like the sensor readout / jpeg engine glitched.

The evf & LCD live view started changing color, first getting pink and then progressively getting more and more black & green with more and more posterization.
I switched lenses, it persisted.

Playback of previously shot photos showed normal color.

It was not a particularly hot day.

one of the last photos written as raw+jpeg before the issue

written as jpeg only, color starts shifting

written as jpeg, evf, LCD and jpgs start going black & green posterized

written as jpeg only, evf & viewfinder showing mostly black, green & blue posterized

A camera reset did not solve the issue at the time.
Thinking back I imagine that the reset is responsible for some of the photos being jpeg only.
I put the camera away thinking it had suffered some kind of fatal failure.
Then a few hours later, taking it out, I find it has recovered as if nothing had ever happened.
It has now survived several outdoor shoots in much warmer weather.

I don't know what to think.

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