The GFX Lens Mount?

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Re: The GFX Lens Mount?

Greg7579 wrote:

I think one of the things that launched GFX towards success was good early design decisions about the lens mount and thus the design of the new GF lens lineup.

Unlike Fuji X, which had not considered IBIS at the dawn of the mirrorless age and made the mount too small, the GF mount seems optimal and Fuji knew they would figure out GFX IBIS at some point, so they designed it bigger and deeper and with future advances in mind (IBS, smaller bodies, advances in lens design, etc....). It all involves tradeoffs.

I just wonder that after these few years of GFX, and Fuji could go back in time and correct anything they want about the mount design or size, what would it be? Or did they get it perfect? Is the design limiting them in any way 5 years later and after the advances in IBIS they have made for MF?

With GFX they were designing a completely new mount, like Canon and Nikon just did when the finally (belatedly) went mirrorless, and once you commit with the new lens line there is no going back.

I know Fuji wishes they had made the Fuji X mount bigger back when they were mirrorless APSC pioneers. I have read that Canon wishes they had made their new mount bigger and that Nikon nailed it when they went mirrorless (or maybe I got that backwards - one of them is bigger and the other wishes they had made their mount bigger).

Have any of you techy guys heard that Fuji has had any regrets about the GF mount that they designed 5 years ago or did they nail it out of the gate?

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

The GFX lens mount throat, at 65 mm, is roughly proportional to the Z mount throat. Throat to diagonal ratio is 1.18 for GFX, and 1.20 for Z.

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