Archiving/compressing big files (BRAW 6K)

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Re: Archiving/compressing big files (BRAW 6K)

apekkpul wrote:

I will be traveling during the summer, and I will take my BMPCC 6K Pro and M1 Macbook Air (250GB) and Samsung T5 (1TB).

What would be a good way to keep file sizes decent?

No professional use, just a hobby, but I would still like to retain good quality of the clips.

I tried Resolve's Media Management and it seems to work pretty well. First I remove unwanted parts from the original clip, and the use Media Management -> Transcode (H.265, Quality Best, Render at source resolution, Retain sub-black and super-white data). I used DaVinci Wide Gamut as a color management preset.

What are the best practices?

- Should I remove noise (and sharpen) before transcoding?

- Probably I should fix exposure and WB before transcoding?

- Anything about audio?

The point of recording raw is so you have flexibility. Unless you think you'll never need to change things in the future I wouldn't transcode it.

If you think the clip is now perfect and ready to deliver I guess you could transcode it but what happens if you change your mind?

What you're suggesting is the equivalent of shooting raw stills and converting them to JPG. Would you? If so when?  Same idea with video.

Honestly I'd just get a bigger external HDD. You don't need speed for archival storage.

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