Leica Q/Q2: between a mild "want" and a strong why bother ...

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Leica Q/Q2: between a mild "want" and a strong why bother ...

Yet another Leica Q in excellet condition up for grabs here in New Zealand where second hand Leicas are not always a given - when you want one.

I have seen some excellent shots taken with both the Q and the Q2 and would love to use one to see what "I" would be able to squeeze out of it.

There are those images by Rodrigue Zahr that made me wonder whether or not I should get one to see for myself what this camera is all about.

And then there was this one, posted here some time ago:

Image by Kaisern Chen Leica Q2 - fabulous!

This photo alone made me want to try the camera more than most other shots I have seen.

In my opinion - and possibly my opinion only - most of the time I think: why bother? Snapshot quality taken with a premium body.

Not a good thing to post here I guess, but here's hoping that maybe somebody here could point me to some better than average images taken with either, the Q or the Q2 ... and: NO! "Google it" is not a good start, have done this and have been down that rabbit hole a few times and simply lost interest after a few hundred so-so images.

So in short: some really good links I would appreciate, more curated than randomly chosen by way of google or other search engine.

That Kaisern Chen photo is gorgeous ... I think he uses Capture One, like I do? I like the gentle black and white rolloff and the in front and behind the focal plane bokeh ...

Not meant to be a trollish post .... clicked on a few threads here like I have done now and again with far more yeah/nah than wow ...

By the way: Kaisern Chen has this website where he demonstrates the use of some heavy weights regarding gear in the industry, there is this otehr shot taken of Sara Maricevic with the Q2. Equally gorgeous I think. Or the colour photo of Victoria Pacheco. There is something truly special about this camera where the SONY A7RIII or IV look almost bland by comparison.

https://www.kaisernchen.com/post/portraits-hua-lumphong-train-station-around has those images mentioned.

But only few images within that thread were taken with the Q2 and none with the Q ...

I would be interested in some links along similar - or different, but interesting - line of work ...



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