Question of MW settings that has surely been answered but...

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Re: Question of MW settings that has surely been answered but...

With my Canon EOS Ra I use 21 1.8 or 14mm f1.8 or perhaps stop it down to 2.8.

I use 30 seconds and ISO3200.

You can of course use lower ISO but not too low. See the Lonely Spec site for lots of info.

Canon tends to need higher ISO but not too long an exposure because if you blow out the stars then you lose colour.

30 seconds takes the pressure off the tracking and superaccurate polar alignment.

Some recommend daylight white balance I always find that makes images way too yellow/brown. I like auto white balance. I don't think its a big deal as you can change in post if you shoot RAW.

I use a smartphone compass to line up my tracker and a digital inclinometer also on my smartphone (a free app) to adjust the angle of the tripod.

You may want to practice your mount setup as after the tracker you need to consider what ballhead/bracket system you are going to use to mount the camera and be able to move it to various angles for framing.

Most use longer exposures untracked for the landscape portion.

I take about 8 x 30 seconds tracked for the sky at a dark site. Then that stacks nicely and cleans up the noise.

I use the free program Sequator for stacking. Very easy to use and quite effective.

Photoshop for blending the the tracked sky and the untracked landscape.

Turn off long exposure noise reduction. For using the manual shutter I would set a 5 second delay to allow it to settle from your touching the shutter.


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