Started to miss my zs/tz100....

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Started to miss my zs/tz100....

I sold my tz100 to buy a sony rx100 m7, but 4 months later i'm starting to have doubts. I was a believer, now i'm a lot more cynical.

The panny is not a remarkable camera, but it did its job well at an affordable price.

The sony is more of a pain to set up and use, with the panasonic you set it up once and forget about it.

On the overall, i think sony wins by a hair on IQ, but given the choice now i wouldn't do it again. If you have a tz100/200, just enjoy them.

I believe the internet has vilified the panasonic for its drawbacks while the sony gets a free pass because "they" say it has better tracking and some other gimmicks irelevant to 80% of the people who actually buy this type of camera.

Technically speaking both cameras are a compromise between optical quality and physical size, but the panasonic makes a lot more sense because it's 2-3 times cheaper than the sony, and has 50mm extra on the tele end. It also has better IQ when digital zoom is considered.

The sony has pretty bad digital zoom and essentially no macro ability, the panasonic does both with surprisingly good results.

The sony is sharper in the 24-100mm range, but at full optical zoom the differences are very small, i doubt i could tell one from another. This is relevant because it makes sense to think that anyone who would buy a 10X zoom camera plans to use it accordingly.

The panasonic is also a bigger camera and feels better during operation, while remaining pocketable.

In low light the sony wins, but panasonic has better IS in all scenarios, i had no idea i had to pick between the two when i sold my tz100.

When i ordered the M7 i imagined it would replace both my rx100 m1 and the tz100 so i don't have to walk around with two cameras in my pocket, but it's not as simple as that.

Maybe i am becoming a little too picky now, after using so many great compact cameras over the last decade. Or maybe all those internet reviews(ok, more like 8/10) were overselling the sony while the panasonic got the silent treatment when it first launched(honestly, most panasonic products, however nice they are, don't receive nearly as much publicity as anything sony produces, that was alway a given).

I guess one of these days i will have to search my tz and rx folders and do a photo review to illustrate some of the points i made in this post, just to avoid any accusations.

And now, my dear friends on the panasonic subforum, let's just hope no sony user shows up and reads my post here, otherwise i will once again be accused of heresy and shunned within the exclusive community of affluent rx100 m7 users.

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