What don't you like about Oly 150-400?

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Re: What don't you like about Oly 150-400?

mbike999 wrote:

Bengeo wrote:

mbike999 wrote:

I do find some things frustrating about the E-M1X, like the laggy focus point selector and less-than-great viewfinder, AF-C can be somewhat inconsistent at times, but the lens itself is a dream.

I was disappointed to read that. I was hoping that this new lens would help with the AF-C.
I find it frustrating that I have to take more shots than I want to make sure I get some pin sharp. Looks like we'll have to wait for new firmware or the MkII.

My post was not to say that the AF on the 1X is bad, far from it. The E-M1X has greatly improved AF over some past models. It'll get you acceptably sharp shots reliably, but I am incredibly picky about motion blur and finite differences in focus from one shot to the next. So my workaround is I shoot a ton of shots, usually in Electronic Continuous - Low

I think it has less to do with the lens and more to do with the AF system. The lens is brilliantly fast to focus. It just seems to require more tweaking to get the most of it, for example adjusting AF sensitivity makes a big difference depending on the subject matter. But it doesn't adapt so you have to change it if you want the most out of it for a given situation. In some ways I guess you could say it reminds me of the Canon 7D Mark II, if you've ever shot with one of those.

My benchmark is the D850 which I've shot alongside the E-M1X for two years. With the Nikon I haven't felt the need to touch the AF because it just nails it nearly every time. I'd pick the 1X for the fun factor any day, though.

Yes, I use the same workaround to get the shots I want. I have tried various AF sensitivity settings but have settled on 0 now most of the time unless something is really frantic when I go to Plus 2. I'm not sure the minus settings are helpful for my photography, mostly birds. I know we are getting off topic here, but do you have any recommendations on how you use the sensitivity settings?

I did try a friend's D500 a while back and the AF did feel very positive. But I wouldn't buy a DSLR again.

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