where to find DCS Pro Back 645 M battery wiring?

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Re: where to find DCS Pro Back 645 M battery wiring?

sanepunk wrote:

Don't buy a Kodak DCS, they are no longer repairable and will become an expensive paperweight the second it stops working, it's also got way too many quirks to be really enjoyable to use. Still check on ebay.

Re: Proback 645 which this thread is all about - what a load of nonsense. Non repairable - may be, but only if hardware goes wrong and usually that happens a lot earlier in ProBack life (the only thing that goes wrong there is  camera connection in some logic boards). The rest is simply untrue - firmware for Proback 645M (the last version I have done here) is actually richer in functionality than Phase One Pnn+ backs and supporting the very same cameras (including DF and DF+).

I have two Probacks 645M from the early generation (serial number 15x range so in the first 200 of Probacks built) from 2001 and they work perfectly fine.

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