Another X-Trans Vs Bayer blind tests

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Re: Another X-Trans Vs Bayer blind tests

Truman Prevatt wrote:

21William wrote:

ms18 wrote:

I have seen many such blind tests in the past and the difference is insignificant . .

I don't see much issue with X-Trans still I see zero advantage with X-Trans. I shoot Raw and I don't want to busy or learn another software.

I would always prefer Bayer sensor over X-trans for the sake of Adobe issues.

But Fuji does not offer Bayer sensors in high end bodies. If they ever give two variants for their high end (X-T4 , X-H1) or enthusiastic cameras such as (X-S10 , X-T30) this tests make a point. Now if we want Bayer and fuji then we have to buy low end consumer bodies. So I see no points in these blind tests and I don't see Fuji either give high end Bayer models or work with Adobe to resolve this.

From what I’ve read on the net quite a few folks have said Adobe Demosaicing is sub par compared to many if not most other RAW software. It’s also been suggested that this deficiency can also be seen on other cameras like Canon using Bayer filters. It’s less noticeable though and often down to over sharpening. This “issue” has always been blamed on Fuji cameras using X-Trans sensors but many have seen it for what it really is - an Adobe Lightroom “issue”. As a result LR has been dropped from their workflow. Much of this is personal opinion I suppose but there’s no doubting in many folks minds that packages like Capture one do a better job than LR on Fuji RAW files. Can Adobe fix the problem? Are they even willing to try just to placate a relatively small number of Fuji photographers, I doubt it somehow. We are back to an oft asked question, which is more important to a photographer, the camera and lenses or the software? I’ve always regarded the camera and lenses, costing thousands of dollars the Primary tool, and the 100 dollar software very much secondary. We are all different though, if you really must or want to use a particular software package that struggles to get the best from a particular type of camera then change the camera. There are plenty of very capable cheap or even free software packages out there but I’ve not seen any free cameras and lenses!

It has always make me scratch my head a bit when someone who dropped a couple thousand on a camera and up to 2000 on a lens would be complaining about opening 150 bucks every two years for a Capture One Pro update.

That is like someone spending 4000 on a Hasselblad body and lens in 1990 and then cheating out on the enlarger and enlarger lens. Hellooooo - there is no better way than ruin a wonderful image than a cheap enlarger lens.

Capture One has made a commitment to work with Fuji and it shows. Iridient Developer is top notch.

Also just as head scratching is sticking with Adobe and with complaining about it.

I agree and I’ll be buying Capture One pro myself once I get a new iMac. I used to be a LR user but it no longer fits my needs.

Some folks have to work on a tight budget though and buy their cameras and lenses second hand and prefer to spend what cash they have on hardware rather than software and are happy to use free packages to develop their photos. It’s not wrong, just different.

If you spend a lot of time in front of a monitor (I try not to) and have a lot of time invested in a particular software package then I fully understand the desire to want to stick with it. Just don’t blame particular cameras as being inferior when we know it’s not. Lots of other non Fuji cameras out their to choose from.

Oh, and no ones saying you can’t use LR on X-Trans sensors, just don’t complain if the workflows a bit longer.

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