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Re: Of Course!

Glen Barrington wrote:

It does what other sharpening tools do! It just automates it. If you don't want or need that level of automation, it's perfectly OK to skip it!

There is NO magic to any of this. All sharpening is, is increasing the contrast on the edges of shapes, tonality, and colors.

That's extremely inaccurate.

While the term "AI" is heavily abused by marketers, the product we're discussing here does use Computer Vision, Deep Learning models to de-blur. That's why it takes up 2 GB (!) of space for installation, we're largely paying for a large database of CV training data that has been trained using images and blur intrinsics.

What they're doing has been described in multiple academic papers but for one example:

This one talk about how instead of modelling the underlying images you could instead model the blur itself, then reverse that:

There are multiple companies and products that are bringing Deep Learning tech to photo/video retouching, to dismiss them out of hand like that only shows that you've never used any of them (and don't understand the underlying technology).

The product we're discussing here also does the "traditional" sharpening, but nobody is buying it for that. We're buying it because it can do things Photoshop/Photolab cannot do yet (both already utilize Deep Learning, but for other useful things, like DeepPrime De-Noising and Object Aware Edge Cutouts for two examples).

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