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Re: My trip to Iceland, the majority of keepers were...

DMillier wrote:

i wouldn't agree the golden triangle is where it is all at. It's fantastic everywhere! But the weather obviously makes different places look different at different times.

You misunderstood me. I said the majority of the attractions are in the Golden Triangle. I then listed my favorite spots at each “corner” of the country. My point being-don’t rush past the Golden Triangle to get away from the crowds like we did. There are loads of amazing things to see in that small region. The entire country is spectacular. My wife reminded me we loved the north coast, west of the puffin if memory serves.

I imagine lodging options drop with distance from the capital. That said it’s a small country so I wouldn’t stress about location of lodging.

I never felt concerned leaving my camera gear in the van while hiking. I wouldn’t take the 100-200 if I had the 250. Obviously take ND filters. I used my 6x the most but needed the 10x a few times.

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