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Re: My trip to Iceland, the majority of keepers were...

DMillier wrote:

RHWeber wrote:

Greg, I was in Iceland a couple of years ago on a Muench Photo workshop. I found that I shot a number of good shots with a 16 mm lens on my full frame Canon. I would take the Fuji 23 mm lens. I think you will like it. If you are looking for a short guided trip into the interior I suggest that you check out One of the principle in the company is Skarpi Thrainsson. He is a terrific photographer. He was one of our guides on the Muench trip and is a wonderful guide. You can see some his work at: Have a great trip.

It's amazing how often I recognise places on websites..."Oh look, I took that photo 15 years ago!"

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I guess as someone who didn't get on an aeroplane before the age of 33, it's probably best regarded as a good thing....

Every place on Earth has been photographed tens of thousands of times and everyone is inundated with images.  But that doesn't mean we still can't get impressive shots with our Medium Format gear and being at the right place at the right time with great light can differentiate us from the great unwashed masses waving a phone around.  😁

I'm amazed that I'm so obsessed with camera stability with a 10,000 dollar camera body with great IBIS while on a monopod and shooting with a 4000 dollar lens with great OIS while 99.999% of the worlds population are taking shots with a phone camera with a sensor the size of a pea and holding it with two fingers and a thumb.

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