Does any camera system/brand let you shoot like this? (autoISO)

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Does any camera system/brand let you shoot like this? (autoISO)

I'm going to try to be precise because English is not my first language and this topic seems to be tricky. I will describe my very experience to show what I would want.

With Fujifilm you can set 3 Auto ISO modes and in each one of them you can set a minimum ISO, a maximum ISO and a minimum shutter speed.

Okay, now lets imagine that for the 3 modes we set the ISO range in 160-6400 and for each mode we set the following minimum shutter speeds

  • Auto ISO mode 1: Minimum shutter speed of 1/8s for maximazing IQ with OIS and static subjects
  • Auto ISO mode 2: Minimum shutter speed of 1/40s for primes without OIS and slow moving subjects
  • Auto ISO mode 3: Minimum shutter speed of 1/160s for fast moving subjects

This is actually how I normally shoot while doing street in Aperture Mode.

What would I want? I would like to be able to map into the rear dial the minimum shutter speed of the autoISO so I can switch it to any minimum value (and not only three) and do it on a fraction of a second without separating my eye from the viewfinder.

Manual Mode + AutoISO doesn't work because if you have the shutter speed set to, lets say 1/250s, and you set the aperture wider or the light of the scene increases, then you have to manually set a faster shutter speed of 1/1000s to compensate or it will overexpose. The 3 former AutoISO modes I mentioned will automatically set a higher shutter speed to not overexpose, because in those you set the minimum shutter speed and not a fixed shutter speed like in manual mode.

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