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Ramon767 wrote:

  • The trial is worthless because the watermark always conceals the area of interest. That bit of the Ai is perfect every time.

I found that annoying too. I get that they don't want people using it for free during the trial, but it made it much harder to evaluate.

The closest you can get is "Zoom to Fit" and "Side by Side View" then let the preview regenerate (but this is largely flawed as the program has no concept of pre-generating/bulk generating the previews, so you cannot set it like you want then quickly grep through all your photos, it is this slow kludge while previews generate).

Even after purchase I just leave on auto, save all, then review the results via the JPG output to avoid the obnoxious "generating preview" every new image click (because doing preview gen for the next image in the background pre-emptively would make far too much sense).

The program has groundbreaking tech, but you can tell it wasn't created by someone who has done volume photo finishing work, as working at volume is a complete non-thought. I don't care if it takes 15 minutes to generate all previews, because I can be doing other work, but I do care an awful lot if I have to click every image to generate, and the previews are forgotten when I go back to an image.

That said i'm trying to clean up 50mm long birds at ISO 5000 in the dark. Maybe i'm expecting too much of the software and not enough of myself.

Keep in mind their De-Noise and Sharpen are different products. De-Noise will take care of higher ISO problems/noise, whereas Sharpen AI is better at correcting a handful of optical abnormalities (like subtle motion blur and focus drift).

There's a lot of images Sharpen AI does nearly nothing to, whereas a de-noiser is useful for almost every image but especially high ISO/long exposure (be it Topaz' de-noiser product or DeepPrime).

The only reason this product matters is that when it works it is magic, like "save an image" magic. But it is still a more niche product ultimately, "AI"-based de-noise by contrast should be a staple since it is impactful on near every image.

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