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Re: My trip to Iceland, the majority of keepers were...

rcautox wrote:

I spent 10 days traveling around Iceland in a camper van two years ago. Beautiful country with loads of photo ops. I couldn’t get ahold of the 100-200 or 250 in time for that trip and regretted it! I took the 110 since I own it but found I always wanted a longer lens. I can’t recall any desire for the longer lens during hikes so if I go back I’ll take the 250 since it’ll remain the car for hikes.

The golden triangle contains the majority of the sights so recommend alotting a good chunk of time there. The fjords in the east-ish were lovely with long, empty stretches of highway around wide, gentle sloping inlets. The puffin in the northwest are worth the trek. We went in late may and encountered a light snow storm. The fjords to the NW are steeper and closer to a “classic” image of a fjord.
Coming from Alaska you can think of Iceland as a very compressed version of Alaska’s highlights.

OK.  So what you are saying is I need the 100-200 and the 250.  I need to add the 100-200 as the 6th lens.  I will.

Three questions:

I will of course do the Golden Triangle near the capitol but will also do the entire 286 mile ring road and all the paved major turnoffs.  How would you rate the possibility of a car break-in while it is parked and we are on a 4 hour hike?

I know you camped, but as you drove along did you see a lot of accommodation available for that day?  What month were you there?

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