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Re: My trip to Iceland, the majority of keepers were...

I spent 10 days traveling around Iceland in a camper van two years ago. Beautiful country with loads of photo ops. I couldn’t get ahold of the 100-200 or 250 in time for that trip and regretted it! I took the 110 since I own it but found I always wanted a longer lens. I can’t recall any desire for the longer lens during hikes so if I go back I’ll take the 250 since it’ll remain the car for hikes.

The golden triangle contains the majority of the sights so recommend alotting a good chunk of time there. The fjords in the east-ish were lovely with long, empty stretches of highway around wide, gentle sloping inlets. The puffin in the northwest are worth the trek. We went in late may and encountered a light snow storm. The fjords to the NW are steeper and closer to a “classic” image of a fjord. 
Coming from Alaska you can think of Iceland as a very compressed version of Alaska’s highlights.

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