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doceyes wrote:

Adam007 wrote:

His complaint about the "shaky" viewfinder is weird. I mean, that's literally your own hand shaking, Dude. I'm sorry if years of shooting of the LCD screen with your favorite mirrorless camera has dulled your technique.

If you want to see some crazy shake, try inputting the wrong FL into a ML body. That's your palsied hand on steroids. Ask me how I know!

Has anyone read, seen a YouTube, or used the camera and experienced the “shaky” viewfinder problem, or the dark viewfinder when indoors? I have a k1 and never experienced either and the reviews including from owners of the new k3iii is that the viewfinder and display are excellent. But maybe going from an EVF to an optical display threw off the reviewer?

The review lost my attention when at the beginning it states. “It's an APS-C sensor camera, not a full-frame like the Pentax K-1 Mark II.”
I wonder if reviews for Canon, Nikon, and Sony start off that way?

I have not read or watched the review, but in regards to shaky viewfinder, perhaps he is using only DSLR and is accustomed to long lenses and OIS. There are many references to a more stable viewfinder image and improved low light AF with OIS when comparing advantages and disadvantages of OIS vs IBIS, particularly with long telephotos. Technique, combined OIS/IBIS, EVF with electronic stabilized image are other factors as mentioned.

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