so is back button focus needed anymore with the r5

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Re: so is back button focus needed anymore with the r5

David Carlyon wrote:

PhotoFoxx wrote:

Does anyone know if its also possible to switch focus modes by pressing a button instead of having to keep pressing the AF button? I like the idea but it would be enough for me to just switch so my thumb is free again for using the joystick to select a specific object.

You can set the DoF-Preview button to switch between servo and one-shoot. Unfortunately you can set it as a toggle (unless they've added that recently to firmware) - if you're in servo, then you have to hold it down to get one-shot, but when you let up, it's servo again.

I actually used this a lot with my 5DIII and IV, with BBF (fingers on the shutter, DoF, and AF-ON - it was actually pretty natural to add the 3rd finger since I was already doing BBF). If servo wasn't doing up to the needs of the moment (for example, tracking a distant subject), I'd hold down DoF to one-shot focus to zone-focus on the upcoming moment of action. The R5's servo is so much better that I don't really have to do that anymore.

DOF button is only useable if you can reach it... for 30+ years Canon have put it in the most inaccessible place possible for anyone with slightly smaller hands. My longest finger is a good inch away from even being able to touch it.

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