Does anyone else do this.

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Re: Does anyone else do this.

I use both, but it's interesting...

I've had a few cameras without EVF and found them a hassle to use, mainly because I am short-sighted* so need glasses for distance. I used to be able to read with them on, but in more recent years cannot see close-up unless I take them off (or get multifocals). So... I would have to take my glasses off to compose with, or otherwise use, the LCD. The most recent EVF-less camera I had was a little Fujifilm X-M1, which I loved but sold because of this. Later I bought another one and was determined to just put up with the hassle.

During last year we were required to wear masks outside all the time (and again recently). I found my glasses tended to fog up, so I simply stopped wearing them when I went for walks - my sight isn't so bad, so I just put up with things being a bit blurry. I found this quite pleasant and now only wear glasses while driving.

This meant my X-M1 suddenly became much more useable (and I simply adjusted the EVF/OVF on my other cameras) and is now probably my most used camera (at least until I upgrade). Occasionally bright sun is a problem. But the advantages outweigh this. The lack of a hump makes this a tiny and compact camera, especially with a pancake lens. I feel better able to take in and connect with the broader scene a lot of the time. I found I can shoot more easily and discreetly on the fly. I can easily shoot one-handed when desired.

But perhaps the biggest advantage is a boost in creativity. I tend to get into a bad habit of photographing everything from a perspective of five-and-a-half feet off the ground (the approximate height of my eyes). Using the LCD I am much more likely to try different angles and perspectives.

I will generally still use the EVF/OVF when the camera has one, but using the LCD is a nice alternative.

* Terminology here is confusing and I think 'short sighted' and 'far sighted' are used interchangeably, or at least to mean the same thing in different countries. For me, being short sighted means without glasses distant things are blurry, while close things are sharp.

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