What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

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Re: What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

James O'Neill wrote:

RBIV wrote:

James O'Neill wrote:

Yep. What they don't want to launch is a K3 killer.

Maybe why they killed the KP ?? which is preferable to the K3iii in a few ways. (smaller, less expensive, less complex, tilt screen, more than adequate in many situations)

Possibly. They don't think the KP with its prism, AF, and shooting speed would be harmful to sales; someone who would buy a K3 to get those things isn't going to buy a KP as a Pentax which is 40% cheaper. But if your main beef with your current Pentax is the AF, and there is a "K75" with new AF and a nice bright prism for 1/3 of the price of the K3-iii you might be tempted. So the trick is to get nearly everyone who would buy the expensive camera to get one before you bring its best bits to the cheap models.

Dropping the KP may be as much about not asking the channel to hold too many models as anything.

I think an equal argument could be made that dropping the K70 and keeping the KP would have been helpful in ending the enduring bad press about "the dreaded aperture block failure" that pops up on websites nearly every time a K70 is mentioned.  Marketing folks at Pentax,  however few they may be, must cringe at that.  Even jokes among Pentaxians  "hey, if you get the "dreaded failure" on your (list several models)  buy a 55-300 it'll work anyway."  You know that doesn't play well with people who don't know Pentax.

I suspect both these cameras, the KP and the K70 were, and are, considered placeholders as Ricoh re-positions the line.  We have yet to see what comes next...  or when.

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