Does anyone else do this.

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Re: Screen for me.

DankCO wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

DankCO wrote:

Can't understand how this thread took a turn as a right or wrong way.

It's just the way of all forums.

My original statement was " It feels wrong if I don't use EVF. It feels meaning to me personally.

Ditto, it's all about one's own usage and comfort.

I could careless which one you use, as long as you are happy with results.

Absolutely true, no argument there at all.

As a possible 10% minority of screen users of system cameras I presented why I use the screen and definitely feel uncomfortable and isolated from the surroundings if using the EVF. But that's just me. Others disagree of course.

By airing our views here, some EVF users may try screens and some screen users may try the EVF to find what they can learn to like.

I'll definitely try my LCD more.

I do the vast bulk of my shots while on holidays to some overseas place (remember those?). So it's mainly scenes that I see, be it landscapes or more likely streetscapes.

People largely in those places seem to be less worried or bothered by me using the screen compared to seeing what happens when someones else is using the EVF. Hiding their face from the casual subjects seems to disconnect them somehow. People may be more wary as they may think it's a professional shot instead of some bumbling tourist shot. If someone is featured or prominent in the scene I will show them the result (if practical to do so) so they can nod approval or dislike.

In many scenes I may wait and wait until people or cars or trains or whatever are in the right place in the frame, using the screen allows me to see what is coming (or what I just missed) and make the moment of taking the shot a more useful experience.

For me it's just a sense of freedom, getting away from having a camera planted to my face and thus being able to see everything around me.

As for screen visibility, it is bad with fixed screens, way better with tilt screens or fold out sideways screens. Sadly the fold out sideways to get the needed tilt makes for a wider, more awkward camera and I won't buy that type.

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