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Re: Mini Challenge #632: Motorsports Exhibits and entries

edform wrote:

Some very good stuff in this challenge - thought these might fit...


There are, indeed, some FINE shots in this challenge! And you've added a few nice ones, as well!

Exhibit 1: D-Type Jaguar on show at Goodwood

Oh, now THAT'S a beauty, that is!

Exhibit 2: Gearbox of one of the Toyota Le Mans cars - can't recall which.

Just a gear or two in that tranny!

Exhibit 3: Ford GT40 giving it some around a spectator-lined street circuit.

Still rather surprising that Ford did this in the FIRST place, and even MORE surprising they did it TWO MORE times!

Exhibit 4: Agostini replica MV 500 triple. The world has forgotten how to make things as beautiful as this.

Perhaps. But there ARE still some real beautiful designs scattered about here and there. But, different era, without all of the computers and electronics that dominate engine designs now, and are required for maximum performance and fuel economy, as well as emissions controls.

Exhibit 5: 1955 NSU Sportsmax - this was a 250cc single cylinder racer sold direct from the factory to privateer racers with a LOT of money. The Dustbin fairing, rear mudgard and petrol tank are all hand-beaten aluminium...

If you see one with its beaten metal bits painted, they will be magnesium - ask your friendly local metal basher about forming magnesium sheet - it is not easy. This particular machine was H.P. [Happy] Muller's personal example and I think the fairings etc are lacquered magnesium.

And ANOTHER beauty!

Exhibit 6: Hogslayer - A twin Norton engined world record setting drag bike. See Archives: The Hogslayer - Cycle News. This thing ate Harleys for breakfast and spit out the pips. There's a movie about it which is probably on YouTube but hard to find these days. It was this device that convinced me that drag racing was a worthwhile way for human beings to waste time.

Thanks for this! I'm not sure I've heard of it before. But, the name "Hogslayer" DOES sound vaguely familiar, for some odd reason...

Entry 1: A roller-bearing crankshaft from a Mercedes GP car of the late 30s - W154, Supercharged, 3 litre V12. It is made up of dozens of precision machined parts joined together with interference fits and screw threads and prevented from being twisted out of line by Hirth joints - the toothed face you see at the end is half of one of them. The thing was pushed together with very short tapered sections and then very high pressure oil was pumped in to swell the joints and allow the parts to be pushed home. It's simply jewelry.

Indeed, a work of art! I'd prefer a different background, more of a solid color, like what's on the bottom part of this image. But I don't imagine you had ANY control over that!

Entry 2: Another view of the same crank - it's in the big Mercedes museum next door to the works. This view shows more detail of the conrods.

I think, in some ways, I prefer this view. It's a tough call, though.

Entry 3: A solid Titanium crankshaft from a Flat-12, 1968, Porsche 917 Le Mans car - it's in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. It weighs 13Kg, 10Kg less than an equivalent steel shaft. These motors delivered 1100 bhp in 24 hour race trim and rumour has it that some of the 'qualifying' engines had 1500 bhp. They could break traction on the rear wheels at 200mph. I think I'm right in saying that they are still the most powerful cars ever brought to Le Mans and one of them holds the all-time lap record at 3' 13.6" and always will, since they added a chicane in the Mulsanne straight the next year to limit the insane speeds being achieved on that long, long stretch of road. Weight saving measures were so extreme on these cars that the tubular chassis was used to pipe engine oil to the oil coolers and the gear knob was turned out of birch.

Purpose-built, high-speed performance cars, built for pretty much ONE purpose: going as fast as possible around a circuit! Solid titanium! Now, THAT'LL cost a pretty pfennig or three!

Thanks for sharing the images, and showing a few things I've not seen before!


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