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Norm Neely wrote:

FrancoD wrote:

That makes a lot of sense. Might as well lose 256 G than one or two 32G.

I'm confused? Two 32G is 64G How does that even compare to a 256G card that you won't lose.?

Seems like one large card does make a lot of sense.

Toronto Photography +1 a big thumbs up

not if you lose it...

cards can be damaged, so would you rather lose (in the sense that it does not work anymore or indeed can't find) 4000 max photos or 32000 ?

What happens if the camera is stolen or dropped in water and you have all of your photos in one card ?

What about when you are in the middle of nowhere and our camera tells you that it ca't read that card? (if you don't have a back up...) ?

Anyway how many will take , with a camera like the OP has ,more than 4000 photos on one trip ?

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