Does anyone else do this.

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Re: Screen for me.

Guy Parsons wrote:

tbcass wrote:

I could shoot every one of those down but why bother?

What don't you get?

I see it as that most people like to use an EVF if available, some of us in the minority (maybe around 10%) like to use the screen. I presented my case just so other screen users know that someone else does so.

I'm not saying which is best for all, just saying what works for me, plus in the case of stabilisation, proven what works for me in a time consuming test session.

There is no single right way to use a camera, it's all to do with what works for the individual.

Can't understand how this thread took a turn as a right or wrong way. My original statement was " It feels wrong if I don't use EVF. It feels meaning to me personally.

I could careless which one you use, as long as you are happy with results.

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