How to get this matte effect in Lightroom?

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Mark Scott Abeln
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Nebell wrote:

I found a preset, I'm not sure where but it somehow manages to make the blur less noticeable. The problem is, it also completely destroys natural color.
I have tried to recreate the effect without affecting the natural colors but since I'm new to photography, I have not been successful.

Can anyone give me some tips on how to get this "blur reducing matte effect" without destroying the colors?

In the arts, one of the main meanings of the word matte is a dull, lusterless finish, one that isn't particularly shiny but rather one that mostly diffuses light shining on it rather than strongly reflecting it. I'd guess that is what you are writing about.

Now a digital image doesn't have the ability to be glossy or matte, as those are properties of printing papers. But one consequence of printing on matte paper is lowered contrast and color 'pop' compared to printing on gloss.

Contrast is what makes things noticeable. Maybe if you turn down contrast in Lightroom you'll get a similar effect, or maybe also lower the highlights, which is one side-effect of the preset you are using.

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