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Toronto Photography wrote:

tbritt2112 wrote:

Still leaning toward the 740. Sounds like it will perform about the same or better as my WB100. I like the flip screen and the video quality will be better. I can get it in a bundle with an extra battery, charger, camera bag that attaches to my belt, 32GB card, cleaning kit, small tripod etc for about 430 dollars. And it will fit in my pocket. I'm still researching though.

If your traveling i invest in a 256 + gig card. I have found they get lost. Just buy one big card with way more space than you need - test it before you go of course. Download the pics when you get home clear the card for the next trip

That makes a lot of sense. Might as well lose 256 G than one or two 32G.

On full size JPEG 256 G is about 32000 photos.

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