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Re: Topaz Sharpen AI

You're right not to trust the reviewers, particularly if they fail to declare the conflict.

If it helps, I paid retail (w/random coupon), and have found good results in 2/3 of the modes it offers. Specifically "Motion Blur" sometimes does miraculous things and "Out of Focus" occasionally improves pictures, whereas "Too Soft" seemingly does nothing. Normally I just leave it on full Auto and very rarely have a photo "downgraded."

My photos are either processed in Adobe Raw or more recently Photolab 4 (w/Deep Prime). While Deep Prime is better de-noise than Adobe Raw, neither one really does exactly what the Motion Blur/Out of Focus does in Sharpen AI.

I use Sharpen AI as the absolute last thing in my workflow on the JPEG output (in particular after de-noise but also after regular sharpen/lens corrections). That might somewhat explain why "Too Soft" rarely improves pictures (but honestly it feels like a fallback mode, rather than say they detected no fixable abnormalities).

PS - I think DeepPrime is better than Topaz' DeNoise AI but YMMV. The main benefit of DeNoiseAI is that it supports Fuji whereas Photolab 4 cannot do X-Trans at all.

Auto mode picked Motion Blur, I hit "Very Blurry" and this is the result. Almost usable quality after (although the picture itself is bad/uninteresting).

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