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There are (obviously) lots of waterfalls on the ring road. They throw up spray. You might want to think about how you protect your camera but also how to shoot something that is covered in spray. Quite a lot of my shots suffered both from the direct effects of spray (maybe a long lens hood?) and the indirect effects of mist in the air.

If you go to Mvatn, depending on the luck of the draw, the mozzies could be swarming. Head net compulsory. We were lucky back in 2009. Didn't like the hundreds of dead ducklings around the lake shore, however.

Everyone goes to Jökulsárlón but don't forget the beach in front of the lagoon. Small bergs float down the river and get stranded. Of course, I forgot. If you go counter-clockwise, as we did, there is another glacial lake before Jökulsárlón that may be less crowded.

It can be overcast and drizzly even in mid summer, be prepared for that. You get seemingly everlasting golden hour sunsets if you stay up late and the weather is good.

If you can time it so that you cross raised road over the mouth/outlet of the southern glacier in the Hof area at sunset, the black sand, mountains and geology can be mind blowing.

Driving around the fjordy bits can be tiring - in an out of all the twiddly bits, as Slartibartfast could have said. It's a good idea not to rush these bits, it takes a lot longer than you think.

Thing about the practicalities of driving and photographing in an environment where sometimes you want to stop every 10 metres and take a photo. Organise your gear for fast egress and ingress and consider your partner! Alternatively, just drive on past amazing photo-ops. I shot 10x more than I ever have before or since. That might be a problem with your prodigious output!

Respect the harsh landscape and try and avoid clambering all over the lava fields. They can look nice and green but life clings on grimly and needs all the nurturing it can get.

There are active eruptions at the moment.

Puffins can be found at Vik/Dyrholaey and other places but especially at Látrabjarg where they will literally walk up your lens. Is does mean lying on the ground at the cliff edge, however.

Iceland has gone from obscurity to hero shots for photographers in what seems like the blink of an eye, but it is still one of the great places of the world for photogs.


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