What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

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Re: What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

James O'Neill wrote:

MarBa wrote:

Breakfastographer 2 wrote:

I see no reason to push out "cheap" APS-C. Why? K-70 is still produced .. what improvements you could possible make that would not result in cannibalizing K-3 III sales?

That's my point.

But to take advantage of the AF, it would probably also need new mirror box and shutter for faster frame rate?

No not really, we're going for quality of frames, not quantity.

However, higher megapixel count with higher frame rate would also require a bump in processing power, buffer size and write speeds.

Processing power is whatever the the K3-iii chips give you in terms of megapixels per second.

The K1 already has a 6.5 fps shutter - but it can't get 6.5 x 36 MP per sec off the sensor and through the processing pipeline. So it's 4.4 at full res, and 6.5 in APS-C mode only. 2/3 the pixels gives 3/2 the shooting speed suggests that the sensor can only shift ~160MP/sec. The K3-iii sensor is doing something close to double that.

If the next FF is a 50MP sensor with similar MP/sec read out, it will be half the FPS- 6 instead of 12 - so the existing shutter will work but can't give a faster speed in crop mode.

But that would need redesign of the electronics.

No, see above.

In addition, it would be nice to get 4K/60 with no crop,

There has to be some crop to get 16:9 video from a 2:3 sensor. I think if the sensor is roughly 6MP x 4 it is easier to take 3840 from 6000 MP than to read, process and down-sample 6000. But K1 owners famously don't care about video.

That's what everyone says about Pentax users, but then it's also because users interested in video go elsewhere.

So yes, remaining ones probably don't care about video, which may also mean that improving video could be a way to extend user base.

no time limit,

That puts up the price of the camera (outside Japan), because it is then classed as a movie camera and gets import tariffs as such

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