I was wrong about JIP

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Re: I was wrong about JIP

randolin wrote:

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Kiwisnap wrote:

Pretty sure JIP had nothing much to do with any of these products. They would have been well along the design and prototype route, if not planned manufacture, by the time they took over.

Agree 100%.


To me the mFT era has come to a close (Olympus in particular, GH-type bodies of no interest as I am not into video). I recall two articles which spell out why it ended badly for Olympus. The one a great rant (long and entertaining read), the other a cool business point of view:



How could OM Digital Solutions do better than Olympus?
They'd need lots of cash to do more than repackaging available stuff into that PL7 (no VF option; for me doa). But I'm happy with what is available from both major mFT manufacturers. It's way more than I ever need, particularly when I consider my soon enough completed 8 decades. Even GAS will find an end.

Wrong. Nikon didn't need more cash did they. How a business spends it's money is just as important as how much they make. Under Olympus corp, they had many scandels, quick Google search will show you. I imagine wasted funds was a problem, and may still be.

If the new company can effectively restructure for a smaller market then they will survive. Easier said then done of course.

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