What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

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Re: What happened to the FA 21 Limited?

Breakfastographer 2 wrote:

James O'Neill wrote:

I hadn't heard anything about problems manufacturing the pentaprism (another rumour ? )

No, that story was hinted at in one of their livestreams. Details in my usual place, but the short version is that the new glass is more brittle and in early trials often broke on being cut into the desired shape.

Not sure what you mean by "usual place" - you're not pushing a you-tube channel of opinion and rumour are you?

So they had to learn about the new glass but having learned it doesn't delay anything in the future

And it took them 5 years with near zero investment from Ricoh

Another rumour, apparently.

Well ... we know we can't take 9 women and produce a baby in 1 month. But if a team takes 5 years to make a camera we could make it in 2 or 3 if the team was bigger. The amount of new product is a function of investment.

But this is an integration job, not creating many new parts.

New AF module, touchscreen and sensor seems a bit meagre for a model upgrade.

And new mainboard meaning bluetooth, faster wifi / faster write speed / bigger buffer / new Prime & Accelerator and CPU

If the question is, what does it take for a person to upgrade from the original K-1,

Give me noticeably better AF, plus a sensor and motherboard which are 5 years newer and I'll upgrade on the spot.  What does the K1 not have right now? The AF ain't great the WiFi is too slow to transfer pictures, and it takes a long time to empty the buffer. The sensor is fine, even though it's old.  If you make me wait 8 years from my K1 purchase to an update you probably lose me as an FF customer.

that may not be the answer. And skipping the pentaprism, which they've done such a huge song and dance about seems bordering on suicidal to me.

The prism makes APS-C better. The need is less on FF. It's still a benefit, but a should rather than a must.

I'm going to hold back belief that any major project that hasn't been firmly rumoured yet (which would be a reasonable prequel to it being "shown" by the end of the year) could be shipping before 2023.

Well there are a number of things, One is what have the people who worked on the K3-iii been doing for the last year - we were seeing videos of a working K3-iii in the first half of 2020. Only if they are going to do a new prime chip and another new AF system would 2023 be necessary. If they're looking to amortize their R&D spend from the last 5 years over more models, they need to get high end models out reasonably soon

Haha, so then why would they hold back innovations like the prism? That makes no sense.

We've had a couple of discussions - I think the gross marking percentage has been increased for the 3-iii. Other people say the new AF costs a lot more, the prism costs a lot more, the new shutter costs a lot more, the motherboard costs a lot more. If they are right  the bits from the K3-iii can't go an entry model - they cost more the K70 sells for. If I'm right we they don't add much cost but they let Ricoh build a K70 which does everything which the K3 does (perhaps with  just one SD slot and a slower FPS) so they don't get their money back on their investment in the.

Who's talking about holding back ? Holding back in the sense of not putting your new profit-generating tech on your lowest margin products straight away, sure. You don't withhold those from the other high margin products.

I've talked a lot about potentially doing a new 645 and certainly doing a new FF - which would use as much K3-iii tech as practical. There's a ship date - 12-18 months after the K3-iii - where that tech is still new enough to use, after that you need to do more development.  What can't be incorporated while still hitting the ship date gets dropped (not withheld)

In my opinion, keeping the K-70 in the line-up is a lawsuit risk, especially for the US market.

That's a fringe opinion.

If it turns out that they're losing money on this model via settlements


, what choice do they have? They'd certainly have to pull the model, and if there's no class-action-proof replacement, well, then that's that for Pentax entry level for the time being.

Yep. What they don't want to launch is a K3 killer.

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