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Guys, we were going to Crete in July because it opened, but Iceland just opened. and it may be the right time to finally go.

We have wanted to go to Iceland for five years but in July and August it has been so packed that rental cars were super expensive and very hard to get and hotels and available rooms on the famous ring road (and its tributaries) were completely full and had to be booked weeks or months in advance.  That killed it for me because I'm not smart enough to figure out 6 months out where where I will be every night on a long road trip by car.   I just want to drive, hike day hikes and shoot and book two days out as I go.

But now rental cars are available in Iceland (but extremely expensive) and rooms seem to be open enough to not have to book your whole trip and have some moving-around flexibility. But there is a chance the normal throngs of humanity could come piling back in there soon, so it could bite me.

Wo, we will arrive in Iceland on 5 July and stay 25 days and will have a rental car the whole time and explore the ring road any any other paved roads that extend off the ring road and loop around the main peninsulas.  The interior of the island is only reached by super-jeeps or other specialized 4WD very-high clearance vehicles and one has to go by guided tour.  I probably won't do that (but might).

We will do short hikes and I of course will be shooting every day like a madman.

I will take whatever I can fit on the plane with me.  On my back will be the Peak Design Everyday Backpack Version 2 loaded with my 15 inch Dell XPR 4K laptop, 250 (w 1.4x TC), 45-100, 23, 30 and 45.  On my shoulder will be the Compagna Little weekender with my 10 inch tablet, GFX 100 body, 50r converted body, the EVF and tilt adaptor in a sunglasses case and the Leica Q2.

In my checked bag will be the RRS tripod, monopod and filter case (with CPs and NDs).

That is it.

I will leave these GF lenses at home:

32-64 - I have it covered with the 30 and 45-100, but I love that lens.

100-200 - I need it.  But for long I will just use the 250 and for the short I have the 45-100.

50 - Nope.  I have the 45 and 45-100.

110 - Very tempting, but you can't carry everything and I have  the 100 for landscapes covered well with the 45-100.

120 - No way.

63 - Nope.  Got it with the 45-100.

Any comments on the lens selection for Iceland and all those incredible landscape opportunities?

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