Picture Control - Difference and Raw File

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Re: Not always...

Mako2011 wrote:

beatboxa wrote:

Calibur wrote:

What will impact your raw file is active d lighting, in high contrast situations the camera will lower exposure and boosts shadows afterwards. If you take an active d lighting normal or high picture and import into capture one or Lightroom default, it will be dark.

This is more on an indirect effect, and it is only assuming you are using some sort of auto exposure while the scene has a lot of shadows.

Sometimes it can be a direct affect as it's only the ISO that gets changed

That's not what direct means.

If one is saying that the picture control (or active D-lighting) then changes the exposure or ISO; and the exposure or ISO then changes the raw, then this is an indirect effect.  Because the picture control or active D-Lighting does not directly change the raw.

Because these are the definitions of direct & indirect.

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