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Re: Picture Control - Difference and Raw File

skyrunr wrote:

One of the great features about the ML EVF is that you can see the impact of picture control live while shooting. I've also always used neutral or flat regardless of brand/model. I will use standard for video and sports occasionally. Portrait can be useful too. I'd recommend searching for beatboxa's detailed posts on picture control.

I specifically went with the Z7II to shoot JPG. Knowing that I have to bracket highlights if they are critical needed. I find that these Z's meter better than my DSLR's.

Thank you skyrunr; and for the OP's benefit, I'll paste in some links to some of the Picture control threads. There are many others.

But in essence, think about it like this:

  • Raw file (data) >> Picture control (renders & converts raw to JPEG) >> JPEG

Remember that there are other settings that also get applied at the same time as picture control, such as white balance, maybe active D-lighting (HDR), some additional sharpening or noise reduction, etc.

A few links that cover various applications of Picture Controls:

These should help you understand:

  • Nikon's default / base picture controls
  • How to edit them (using your computer, though you can do some more limited editing in-camera)
  • The effects of the Picture Controls

I'd recommend just loading Nikon Picture Control Utility 2 onto your computer, load up a few raw files, and just click through the various picture controls to get a sense of how they look different.  Since Picture Controls don't really alter the raw files, you can change them after the fact. 

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