Fotodiox Pro Fusion EF-GFX Adapter

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Fotodiox Pro Fusion EF-GFX Adapter

had need of a 20mm lens for the GFX50R, so I'm renting a Canon EF 20/2.8 and a Fotodiox Pro Fusion EF-GFX Adapter from Lens Rentals.

I can't say I'm impressed by the lens, but the adapter is interesting. Though no one can find a manual for it, there's some information on Fotodiox's page:

This one:

There's a micro-B USB port, I'm probably not going to need, for updates.

There's a couple of mysterious switches I've now worked out what they're for. The 35mm/Medium Format switch works in conjunction with the 35mm Format Mode menu option. When the menu is set to Auto, the camera will switch between 44x33 and 36x24 when you flip the switch. It works quite well, but did once cause a lens error, so I had to partially demount and remount the lens before it'd work again.

The other is A/P switch. It should be A/C it works like the A and C positions on my lenses' aperture rings, for Auto aperture, or Controlled by the camera. I'm using it in Manual, so when I switch it it switches to S mode, so for me it's a S/M switch.

With this lens there's pretty severe vignetting in medium format mode, I'm assuming that's the lens not having the coverage, rather than a problem with the adapter. Here's an illustration of the different fields of view:

That's a composite of 36x34 and 44x33 shots of the same scene (handheld so they don't perfectly line up). In 36x24 mode the RAW file only has the cropped pixels, so you can't decide not to after the fact.

I did play around with Affinity Photo's Inpainting function to fill in the vignette, this is what I get:

Looks quite convincing, if you don't look too hard at the bottom corners.

The before version is this:

The lens does autofocus, but pretty slowly, and it hunts a couple of times before finding the focus. It often wouldn't lock focus, and I'd have to try again. But at least there's some AF. Much like the dancing bear, the amazing thing is that it works at all, not how well it works.

It does provide Exif for all this in it's own way, it claims:

Lens Make : FOTODIOX_2.0
Lens Model : Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM or Zeiss Lens

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